Business Litigation

Complex business litigation requires in-depth knowledge of the law governing business transactions, the regulations and customs of the industry, and the applicable court procedures. Doumar Martin has years of experience handling business-related disputes in a host of local industries, including manufacturing, retail sales, real estate, telecom, hospitality, government contracting, and banking, to name a few, and regularly litigates throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Doumar Martin has litigated many complex business civil cases in both the federal and states courts of Virginia and the District of Columbia, and Maryland. As a small business itself, Doumar Martin understands how disruptive and expensive a dispute can be, particularly on a small to medium-sized business. We strive to litigate in an efficient, cost-effective manner as our clients continue to operate business as usual.

Business law generally enforces the parties’ agreements and seeks to place them in the position they would have held absent breach or interference. As such, the law asks whether the parties reached a meeting of the minds regarding the essential terms of a business transaction and works to fulfill their expectations in entering that transaction. In some industries, including many retail and banking transactions, the law sets forth the basic terms, customs, and practices for the transactions and will dictate certain remedies when those terms, customs, or practices are breached. Among other laws and regulations, the Uniform Commercial Code governs contracts for sales of goods, bank deposits and collections, and secured transactions.

The law of business torts also governs the conduct of parties to a business transaction, and third parties that may stand to gain from the fulfillment or breach thereof. Under tort law, a commercial actor cannot intentionally interfere with the contract or business expectancy of another commercial actor, and in some instances will bear a fiduciary duty toward parties with whom they have a business relationship. The law also prohibits fraud by commercial actors in their dealings with others, and in inducing other persons or entities into doing business with them.

Consumer protection laws exist to assist members of the public who suffer as a result of false representations by retail establishments and certain financial entities, including banks and investment advisors. These laws may provide for enhanced damages and civil penalties, as well as attorneys’ fees for aggrieved members of the public. In some industries, an individual may bring a qui tam lawsuit as a private attorney general to address fraud or false claims involving government agencies or entities contracting with the federal government.

Doumar Martin represents companies and executives in creating their companies and structuring their business transactions. When companies come to us with litigation matters, we know how to address the dispute and obtain the best result for our clients.

Doumar Martin has experience in litigating various types of business disputes, including:

  • Breach of contract;
  • Fraud and similar claims;