Business Formation Representation

Doumar Martin assists entrepreneurs through the complex maze of decisions, requirements and regulations involved in starting a new business. Proper business formation will protect you and your assets as your company grows and thrives. Doumar Martin can assist you in selecting the best structure and form for your organization based on its ownership, industry, composition, and commercial goals. Possible corporate forms include:

  •  C Corporations;
  •  S Corporations;
  •  Professional Corporations;
  •  Limited Liability Companies;
  •  General Partnerships;
  •  Limited Partnerships;
  •  Limited Liability Partnerships; and
  •  Family Limited Partnerships

These forms often involve the preparation of various types of corporate formation and governance documents, which may include:

  • Articles of incorporation;
  • Articles of organization;
  •  Partnership agreements;
  •  Shareholders agreements;
  •  Corporate by-laws;
  •  Corporate policies;
  •  Promissory notes;
  •  Stock certificates; and
  •  Minutes of shareholders’ and directors’ meetings

The process of creating a new business involves several steps, and requires skilled advice and representation along the way. Among other things, a new corporate entity should:
Register with federal and state authorities, obtaining an Employer Identification Number from the IRS (see and a state tax ID number;

  •  Raise the initial capitalization amount set forth in corporate governance documents:
  •  Register trade names with the applicable federal, state, and local authorities;
  •  Register domain names to protect their business or trade name from competitors;
  •  Obtain state licensure or certification as required to carry on any regulated profession;
  •  Obtain a business license and occupancy permit from county or other local government;
  •  Register to pay personal property taxes with the county or other local government;
  •  Register to pay unemployment taxes with the state; and
  •  Obtain all necessary and appropriate insurance policies to carry on the entity’s business, including workmen’s compensation insurance if employing three or more people, and other forms of insurance, such as business liability and errors and omissions coverage